Sunday, August 31, 2014

Idaho Centennial Trail - Part 1 - Canadian Border to Naples, Idaho

The Idaho Centennial Trail is a state scenic trail spanning 900 miles from the Canadian border to the Nevada border in Idaho.  It's a combination of following both existing trails and dirt roads to witness the ever-changing beauty that Idaho and its mountains have to offer.

Upper Priest Falls, near the Canadian border, is the northern terminus for the trail. It is roughly 80 miles to Naples, Idaho which is our first resupply town.

The trail begins in an Old Growth Cedar Forest.  It truly has a wondrous and healthy feeling to walk through a balanced ecosystem.

Mature stands of western hemlock intermingle and seemingly dance with the red cedars.

It is easy to melt into such exquisite surroundings.

Upper Priest Lake in late spring was both peaceful and absolutely beautiful.

Boats, kayaks, and canoes have easy access to clean campgrounds.

Many moose call this region Home.

Lower Priest Lake is more developed with many cabins.  We actually had a wolf run into our camp spot, until it u-turned when it saw us twenty feet away from us.

There is a small campstore at Indian Creek Campground.

It was a cool spring, and so the snow lingered up high in the Selkirk Mountains.  
Thunderstorms played with our senses at Hunt Lake.

Fault lake was still much under snow.  We would recommend that hikers start their journey around July 1st instead of June 1st.

Either way, it is an adventure to grow and to expand from. 

A bear crashed through the brush as we made our way down to the McCormick Creek Crossing. 

It's nice to take a dip into natures bathtub whether it is on purpose or on accident.