Saturday, January 03, 2009

Our Summer in the Aleutian Islands - Continued

These are some of the small near shore Islands on Adak that Stacey and I boated to most mornings to collect scientific information on Sea Otters. One of our favourite islands was Eddy Island located in the upper back area of this photo. There would often be huge tidal currents in the morning that we would have to endure to land on these small rocks. This island had sea otters, harbor seals, stellar sea lions, a bald eagle nest, and numerous nesting birds to keep us constantly entertained. We would occasionally get to see Minke and Orca Whales too.

The largest Island in the above photo had Arctic and Aleutian Terns nesting on it. Even more interesting, there were two large Bull Caribou that often grazed on this Island. If you look carefully in the above photos, you can see the alaria kelp beds surrounding the islands. The sea otters would often feed and rest in these kelp beds.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Front Yard Snow Birds

It is when the mental chatter in our Mind fully subsides and dissolves, that we can truly experience and appreciate the Beauty of this Moment.

Camera Critters

Northern Pygmy Owl Feeling the Warmth of the Rising Sun

If you feel fully to that which you place your focus and attention upon, there is a feeling of satisfaction that takes you to a place beyond words, reason, knowing, and belief. This is an entry point or a portal that will take you to another dimensional realm of experiencing Life and Nature.
The eyelids of this Northern Pygmy Owl are exquisite and surprisingly remarkable. I had the satisfaction of being fully accepted by this owl as it was visiting our home in Winthrop, WA. I felt closer to Nature by exploring the Pygmy Owl's own personal Nature.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Male Bufflehead Eating Bay Pipefish

I took these photos of a male Bufflehead yesterday which eventually caught a Bay Pipefish. The pipefish are related to Seahorses and the males of this species have a brooding pouch where they incubate the eggs that the females transfer to them for about eight to ten days. These fish can also change colour to match their backgrounds while underwater. I have seen Common Goldeneye's, Double Crested Cormorants, and Common Loons catch these pipefish along Boulevard Park in Bellingham Bay.
I think, therefore, I ... Be Not


A Winter's Day in Fairhaven, WA

We each have our own language that we use to express our inner world to the outside world with. It's time to take inventory of our vocabulary and to know and to feel what it is we are actually saying. Each word has resonance to it and consists of energy. Some people even have emotions attached to key words and therefore become biased and prejudice when they hear them or use them. Our thoughts and beliefs are like prayers and programs that invite and create the dramas we wrap ourselves around in. Our personal realities are experienced through the words and the intentions they convey. So if we want control or want to direct and produce our own personal lives, then we have to use our language wisely and with respect, feeling how our words effect our selves and our immediate environment. Language is used to create and promote growth and it is also used to destroy carelessly. Words are indeed magical. They combine to tell the stories that we act out and live each and every day.
I took this photo yesterday at Boulevard Park located between Fairhaven and Bellingham, Washington.
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Steller's Jay New Year's Proclamation

"Look into My Eye's.
I know you can truly see Me.
Feel what it is like to be Alive.
And by being Alive,
You shall Save Our Earth."

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mount Moffett and Kanaga Island from The Bay of Islands on Adak Island, Alaska

One is seemingly so small in the midst of Alaska's Vast Wilderness's. Although we were a speck amongst giants on Adak Island, we felt at peace with what we were seeing. We not only saw the landscape with our eyes, but we became the scenery with our Hearts. We trusted that we were taken care of and that we were cradled and nurtured by the earth. We were no longer separated by Nature, but had become Nature by being true to our own Nature.

Mount Moffett is in the near distance and in the foreground you can see the Zodiac boat we used to maneuver through and amongst the many small Islands we did our research from.

And here you can see Kanaga Island and its' Volcano. We could see it releasing steam from time to time. And to the far left in the photo you can see the snowy capped Tanaga Island and its' Volcano. They are not kidding when they say that the Aleutian Islands are a part of the Ring of Fire.
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Angelic Osprey

Many of us walk through life blindfolded,
Bumping into the walls of a convoluted maze.
Rise above this self imposed game.
Take off your blinders.
And with a View
From high above our unnatural borders and boundaries,
You will plot your course towards Your Story of Destiny.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ruby Crowned Kinglet Drinking Nectar

To Be
And To Only Be
Then there is no other Question.

I took this photo of a Ruby Crowned Kinglet drinking nectar at a botanical garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California.

More Cute and Snowy Juncos

When we focus on Beauty in our everyday Lives, then we are inviting and are attracting Beauty into our Hearts. Put your mind on the things you want to experience in life. Embrace those feelings that take you to where you want to be and forgive those feelings that you no longer want to experience. Just believe in your Self and Walk the Path of your choosing.
I took these photos of Dark Eyed Junco's here in Ferndale, Washington.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Northern Flicker Searching Between the Storms

I believe people are searching for something ~ something they have lost ~ and are despartely trying to find again. We have lost the ability to FEEL in this moment in time. People will say they have feelings, but they are reliving trapped feelings, called emotions, which are embedded in the past. Until we let these enslaved feelings go, we can not feel what is in front of us in this very Moment. There are an infinite amount of excuses to trap and to hold onto and to own energy, but such actions result in sickness and dis-ease. To truly live and to love Nature, you must FEEL Nature and therefore your very Self right Now without bleeding and feeding the past and the future.