Thursday, December 06, 2012

Snowshoe Hare Eating Grass While Fresh New Snow Falls

Our Physical Instincts Are Programmed Into Our Bodies.
  They do what they are told to do through our inheritance and through new training.
Therefore, fear is not natural, but has been adapted into everyday strategies.
However, We can change daily Routines and automated responses through Direct Intention and Visualization.
When we can trust the Body to flow with our vision and desired outcome,
Our Awareness can go for a ride without any effort... for Consciousness does not reside solely in the body.
When one releases the body into Trust and has successfully reconfigured the Instinctual, 
One can learn to connect with new information in the Quantum field of Potentiality by focusing on the non-physical,
Thereby tapping into the Pureness of Living Inspiration.