Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hummingbird Taking A Shower In A Fountain of Water

Water is Life Giving,
Because It Causes You To Focus On What You Are Feeling Right Now.
Therefore, it cleans you from the dirt of your past.



  1. For me, this little guy bathing and with his teeny feet outstreatched, and his head feathers somewhat "spikey" from water is just SOOOOOOOOOOOO endearing to me. Life is so, SO sweet. When one is open they become "drunk" on life's sweetness.

    Have been thinking of you and dear Stacey. We have moved a bit further from town but still fairly close to the college where Stephen teaches. I am in an intense love affair with the wild beings.

    We just got back from 3 days at Chaco Canyon. A totally magical ancient-worldly time. It is my 3rd or 4th time there and every time I lose myself to the ancient culture and am flooded with images and voices from the past that live on in the present. There really is no time and all is alive now. There really is no death, only life.

    Thinking of you sweet friend, and dear Stacey too. Have thought of you so often.

    Your photos are filled with the magic and life that is YOU. All love. Robin

    I've been to your site several times, but ONLY today did I work out how to comment. I realized that I have to open each separate post if I want to comment. Ha ha!! :) Love to you, dear Bernie

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