Friday, May 03, 2013

Philosophizing Around San Francisco Bay

One Laughs to Chuck Up con-Jest-ion.

Any strike blocks the Vein to Richness.

Habits separates Nature into Bits.

I have no class, so I can not fail.

Its easy to create when you disassemble your plans.

Intimidation is a forceful date with time.

Those who sew well show no threads.

There is no stillness in being Idle.

Earth is built like a deck of cards that could use an unshufflling. 

Be done with what you do.

I shall is shallow until all is allowed to resurface. 

I float upon the land and submerge beneath the waves of the sea.

Sole Soils the Soul.

I'll promotes Ill Will.

There is harm at arms distance away.

Squander Time till both halves are passed.

One Lives either with Terra or with Terror.

Manners are Lost to Manors Found.

A host becomes a ghost when a vessel is held hostage.

An elixir banishes those out of exile.

Time is fed and nurtured through your placenta,
When your day of birth is presented as an offering. 

My Watch broke when I stopped Observing and began Partaking. 

It takes work to begin something, and gives ease to end it.

A clogged Vein collapses into Vanity.

Know your Future by Yessing Your Past.

Make a good connection by taking the cell out of the phone. 

When you get psyched, there is nothing left to shrink about.

Either Trade Freely, or be a Traitor.

Gratitude is received before anything has been given.

Do not wait on those behind you,
Since they will catchup when they learn to sling their own hash.

Trust in Change to gain Truth in Stillness.

School is the real re-cess
And recess is school realized.
In school, children are in recession.

Chance is unconscious certainty.

The formula to success is in uncalculating form.

It's one thing to be sourceful,
And many things in being resourceful.

I don't recognize my Self when I am wearing a Hat.