Sunday, November 17, 2013

Part 15 from our 2013 (CDT) Continental Divide Trail Hike Along The Spine Of The Rocky Mountains ~ Rawlins, Wyoming to Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Leaving the High Desert and Returning to the Trees of the Mountains

Smokey Air from Summer Fires

The Wyoming - Colorado Border

Beetle Killed Trees.... A Very Common Sight Along the Length of the Rocky Mountains.

Black Bear Claw Marks from climbing an Aspen Tree




  1. Oh wow, I decided to click on for comment and you have them open again. For so long you did not. These images, all of your images are always stunning and I am so glad that you are accepting comments once again. Have a happy week...happy trails to you and your wife~

  2. Bernie, these shots are just great! I particularly love the rainbow, the sunflowers, and the one of you on the border and your best girl fording that stream.



  3. ahhh, i have just gone back through many of your posts
    taking to heart the places that exist
    the places you have walked with
    amazing and beautiful


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