Sunday, November 10, 2013

Part 8 from our 2013 Continental Divide Trail Hike Along The Spine Of The Rocky Mountains ~ Still Between Leadore, Idaho Heading East Towards Lima, Montana




  1. Hi Bern'e - All your photos just stun me, but I'm especially taken with the blue flower at the top. A true blue flower is pretty hard to find -- here in MN, it's pretty much left pretty much to delphinium and Siberian squill. Do you happen to know the names of either of the blue flowers in these shots?

    1. Hi Jeffrey... I just love the blues and the purples in the flower kingdom too. I don't have a plant book in front of me... but from the top down there is a gentian... we must have seen about three or four species of gentian. They come out after the snow and throughout the summer and then are even blooming... at least one variety right up to the first snowfall. They love damp soils in the subalpine and alpine. Then there is elephants head... a figwort family member... and then i believe orange agosoris with some lupine in the back ground ... and then some sort of mallow. We saw flowers everyday till the end of the trail. New Mexico had a good bloom going after the rains in October. Always something pleasurable to dazzle the senses.

  2. Beautiful are your photos!
    Have a nice monday! RW & SK


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