Monday, December 02, 2013

Part 30 from our 2013 (CDT) Continental Divide Trail Hike Along The Spine Of The Rocky Mountains ~ Lordsburg, New Mexico to Antelope Wells on the Mexican Border


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Continental Divide Trail Adventure




  1. Lovely photos. I wonder, how long did this trip take? How are you able to get away for extended periods? What is your job?

    1. Hi Megan and Jeff.... our trip along the length of the Rockies in the lower 48 took us exactly four months to complete. Stacey and I actually live very simply, own very little, have no debt, and make it a priority to live life backwards in comparison to how society usually does things. This then gives us the freedom to live first, and to comply to mundane tasks only when absolutely called to do so. I have been a wildlife biologist working in remote locations in the past... but now i just help out on properties in the Methow Valley of Wa state which includes a lot of volunteering. So we end up just living in one location for only four to six months at a time. New ongoing perspectives all of the time.

  2. What a grand journey it was. I am glad this is what we did this summer! Thank you for taking so many beautiful pictures along the way!


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