Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Idaho Centennial Trail - Part 2 - Naples to Clark Fork, Idaho and beyond to Idaho Point

From the very small and yet very inviting mill town of Naples, we ventured east and then south into the showering and yet still quite snow capped Cabinet Mountain Range.

We played hide and seek often with the trail with three to five feet of snow often covering the ground. We studied the maps from the smart phone, looked for cut logs, found ancient markings and blazes on trees, and just plain used our intuition to navigate through our lingering winter wonderland.

Contrasting Views from Mt. Pend Oreille fueled our ambitions to continue southbound, where our fresh prints in the snow often overlapped with the fresh prints of elk, moose, and yet more lone wolves.  It amplified our sense of feeling Wild and on the Loose.

Exploring the edge of the known and unknown brought us to the brink of howling ourselves.

We awoke the next morning to four inches of new and heavy snow, soon to accumulate to a couple of feet of fresh insulation. 

In the fog of being between worlds and between seasons, we descended from 7000 feet to the allure and embrace of Darling Lake and the Lightning Creek Drainage, where snow soon turned to rain. The feeling of Auld Lang Syne brought us into Clark Fork Shivering and Shriveled where long hot showers refreshed us into a New Age of carrying our own warmth to wherever we may go.

From the Sanctuary of Clark Fork, we rose and sprung out of a luscious green and spring valley as if we were both Clark and Lewis seeking the Northwest Passage. Clark deserves top billing once in a while.

Remote dirt roads brought us to to the Idaho - Montana border which we were to straddle for hundreds of miles to come.  It's as if the officially sanctioned State Trail of Idaho were hijacking and annexing bits and pieces of Montana.  

One moment we were in the mountain time zone and in the next moment we were in the pacific daylight savings time zone.  Having no allegiance or preference to either, we decided to bury the concept of Time so that Now could sprout without any need of human intervention.

Good and Totally Scenic Views vacuumed away any lingering thoughts into a place of pure Silence where it became obvious where Beauty truly resides.

Idaho Point surrendered what was left of the little self into a sense of a greater and larger Self where an outlook of the Infinite is to be discovered and re-membered.


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  1. Just amazing, Bernie! What a beautiful place that is enhanced by these glorious photos! :-)

  2. Awwwmazing, thanks for sharing our beautiful outdoors, great narrative too!

  3. you wander in such extreme beauty and wilderness. amazing the experiences you have. always a joy to see your photos!


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