Saturday, September 13, 2014

Idaho Centennial Trail - Part 5 - Wallace, Idaho to the Stateline National Recreation Trail

From Wallace and Interstate 90, Stacey and I hiked up towards Stevens Peak.
It finally felt as if summer had actually begun.

The bear grass was so abundant that we often looked like we were being shot at upon our shorts and shirts with paint balls of pollen.

The snow had finally receded to just being present along the ridge-lines and north faces of these 7000 foot mountains.

We were to hike 160 to 170 miles to Highway 12 in the middle of the state of Idaho.

The temperatures were in the 90's and so we took advantage of the remaining snow to cool ourselves down.  We would also dip our shirts and hats in water whenever possible.

It was mostly dirt road or ATV track walking until we arrived at the Stateline National Recreation Trail.  However, then it was mostly trail until we reached Highway 12.

The views of Cliff and Diamond Lakes were astounding. There was one lake after another.  
Scenic Wonders were the Norm.

We still had this entire secret trail to ourselves. However, we seemed to meet a lot of people in the towns along the way who had surprisingly heard of the trail. They would often say that this route was on their bucket list.

We could see our future unfolding before us...
Every step released more realized beauty upon the Earth.

I truly Live for this kind of walking.
I feel alive where the earth moves and fuels me.
I love to call it Walking in Stillness.
There is a sense of swallowing one's own reflection,
Or where one begins to Live from the other side of the mirror.


  1. Amazing! Breathtaking! Every step of the journey! :-)

  2. Bernie, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, may your New Year be filled with blessings abundant and much, much happiness and love and joy!


    Sheila :-)


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