Saturday, February 21, 2015

Arizona National Scenic Trail ~ Part 2 ~ The North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River

At the northern border of Grand Canyon National Park there is an old cabin and Lookout fire tower. Edward Abbey is said to have worked from this viewpoint for several seasons sometime in the Past. Inspiration must tower high here.

It was amazing how far you could actually see out into the vastness of Arizona.  One could see the desert in the distance and the San Francisco Peaks to the south of us.

Horned Lizards often raced and darted in front of us.

At the North Rim of the Grand Canyon we enjoyed good views, good meals, and good friends who worked at the Park.

It was Monsoon season and so some sort of rain around here was seemingly a daily occurrence.

We then leisurely descended 4,000 plus feet into the great abyss towards Phantom Ranch.

The wildlife were curious and apparently hungry for human contact.

The hike down is well graded with access to piped water from drinking fountains.

The colors from the rocks grounds the inspiration one inherently feels in this journey through the layers of time.

We secured a permit to stay the night at Phantom Ranch near the Colorado River only 13 miles down from the North Rim.

We came across many runners doing a Rim to Rim challenge.

We even met one runner doing a Rim to Rim to Rim quest thereby descending into the depth of the canyon twice in one day. He happened to be a through hiker on the Pacific Crest Trail during the spring and summer months of this year.

There are always new and inventive ways to challenge the soul.

As we descended several thousand feet the temperatures began to heat up.

It was over 90 degrees by the time we reached our camping spot for the night.

However, we first enjoyed thoroughly cooling off in the rejuvenating waters of Ribbon Falls.  You could just feel the coolness penetrating our vitality at our very core of being.


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  1. Looks awesome. Hope to be at that same spot come September of this year.

    1. Hey, I'm planning a fall southbound hike of the AZT starting in a couple weeks. Are you still going to be over there?

  2. Have a great hike to the both of you. Memories to last a lifetime.


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