Saturday, February 21, 2015

Arizona National Scenic Trail ~ Part 3 ~ The Colorado River to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Phantom Ranch was a literal zoo.  People from all around the world were occupying a small area. Not only are there campground spaces, there are cabins available to rent. Breakfast, dinner, and snacks are all available for the right price.  

We enjoyed a ranger talk about the history of the ranch and the region as shooting stars blazed above us through the Milky Way.

During the night we had to contend with a ring tailed cat that was climbing a pole that had our backpacks slung upon it.  We were in the very first camp spot along Bright Angel Creek. I apparently had a fun time chasing it off on three separate occasions.  I could literally walk up to it and almost touch it. This was certainly a masked bandit to truly contend with.

Early in the morning we began our ascent up the South Kaibab Trail.

We passed a few mule trains bringing down fresh supplies and mail to Phantom Ranch.

Then we hit a wave of early hikers and runners descending into the canyon where most were doing a loop to the bottom and then up again on the Bright Angel Trail. 

The iconic Skeleton Point is truly unforgettable.

Climbing higher and higher... it became cooler and cooler. 

As we neared the South Rim it sounded like we were in another country.  But what country? It was fun and exotic having English be the minority language.

Having achieved the South Rim early in the day, we explored the canyon from other viewpoints by shuttle bus.

We also made our first real resupply at the relatively large grocery store within the Park. The views that one can attain here at the Grand Canyon are always changing even if one is purely standing still.  How the light of the sun and from the filters of the clouds dances upon the strata of differing rock layers just dazzles one's senses making life truly sensational.


  1. Great memories of your visit and this hike.

    1. Yes, and it was wonderful seeing you again Gallon. We are actually in Scottsdale Arizona about to start another hike called the Grand Enchantment Trail which runs between Phoenix and Albuquerque.


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