Saturday, February 21, 2015

Arizona National Scenic Trail ~ Part 8 ~ Roosevelt Lake through the Superstition Wilderness to Superior, Arizona

After having dodged the Tropical Depression and all of the associated rain in Globe, Arizona for two nights, we took two hitches north till we returned to the Roosevelt Lake Bridge. It is not unusual for people to go out of their way to drive us to where we need to go to resume our quest. The people that we meet along the way love to help in whatever way they can.

After having made the wish to see a wolf spider, an hour later this amazing site crossed our path. Look at how many babies this wolf spider is carrying on its back.

Again, the mountains were drenched and saturated with water. Mud from the clay soils was typical.

We could see Chris's tracks on the ground often, as well as many bear prints, as he ended up hiking in the great deluge through the Superstition Mountains. 

The Four Peaks Wilderness was the last time we saw Chris. However, we always knew where he was in relationship to us because of cell phone service and the ability to text.  Just about every day we could get a signal coming from somewhere.

Overall, the Superstition Wilderness was well maintained.

A major highlight of this segment was Reavis Ranch where apples by the thousands were ripe and ready to pick.  Many people seemed to be making a pilgrimage to the orchards who were coming in from the south. Apparently this ranch was created to support the mining industry with the food it grew in this area.

New types of flowers also presented themselves in the latest of micro habitats that we traveled through. 

Desert Four O'clock brought me to a peaceful non-place beyond time and space.

Coming out of the Superstition Wilderness, we could see the lower desert that we were to cross up ahead.

After the last rain storm, the desert temperatures began to cool off even more.

During the night we woke up to some rustling behind our heads. Turning on the headlamp we discovered a striped skunk nervously speaking to us with its actions. After talking to it calmly, it altered its course around us, allowing us to peacefully return to sleep.

In the lower desert before Superior, Arizona, we found ourselves in Saguaro Cactus Country once more. The last Saguaro stand was in the foothills above Roosevelt Lake.

To our joy, the Ocotillo was leafing out, and in this case was even blooming. But now it was time to hitch five miles in the back of a pickup into Superior AZ where lunch was waiting for us at a Mexican restaurant.

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  1. Simply Beautiful and I really appreciate the commentary! I'm planning a Thru-Hike in either March or Sept...likely the latter this year. Would like to ask you questions if


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