Saturday, February 21, 2015

Arizona National Scenic Trail ~ Part 9 ~ Superior, Arizona to Kelvin, Arizona along the Gila River

Interestingly, when we were trying to hitch on the highway near Picketpost Trailhead, we noticed a car pulling in to do a bathroom break.  However, on their way out they opted not to pick us up. However, coming out of Superior, the exact same car was heading back to Phoenix and recognized us trying to hitch back to where they first witnessed us. This sign or synchronicity compelled them to pick us up the second time around. They offered us an array of snacks and fruit when they returned us to the trailhead to begin our walk towards the Gila River.

Every time I think about this section... a precious smile comes to my face.  The energy is so intense and desirable to me.

Picketpost Mountain was also a desert jewel worthy of climbing from any angle it was observed from.

It's also amazing how the lower desert is teaming with life. Rattlesnakes, Desert Hares, Desert Cottontails, and a whole variety of birds constantly presented themselves. 

Gila Woodpeckers and cactus wrens were some of the most vocal flying residents.

Even at night, the bats flew to and fro, and often flew down towards our faces to capture some unseen insect.

And don't forget about the coyotes.  They too howled in delight of the perfection that they called Home.

And Yes, the water was exactly where it was reported to be... plus in a few more additional spots along the way to the Gila River.

The lower desert was a color palette whose artist could be sensed but not seen.

By the time we got to the Gila River at about 1,700 feet, the temperature must have been in the high 80's.

It felt heavenly to immerse ourselves in natures mud bath whose minerals and nutrients were soaked up by our thirsty skin.

Even the cholla cacti spoke and exhibited their truth loud and clear.

The Gila River Valley had a railroad on the other side of the river whose small trains seemed to service the giant copper mine near Kelvin, AZ.

Check out these incredible views of the White Canyon Wilderness!

Simply Paradise all the way into Kelvin where we tanked up on water at a local county maintenance yard.

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