Friday, February 20, 2015

Idaho Centennial Trail - Part 15 - Ross Peak to Moores Spring on the Edge of the High Desert

Behind us, great booms and claps of excitement pushed us further along our Way down Willow Creek. Evidence of a great downpour was around us. Streams and Creeks had been swollen and flooded having flattened much vegetation and brought and moved much mud, gravel, and debris down from the higher elevations.

Looking toward Willow Creek the next morning we noticed much steam coming from the ground.  To our pleasant surprise, we found ourselves another Hot Spring to soak in.

The vegetation and habitat began to transition into a new ecosystem to explore.

At the Boise River crossing we noticed that the river was very muddy from all of the flashfloods.  We had heard from some motorcyclists in the area that the road just up river had washed out because of the big storm that missed us. Getting a hitch into Featherville seven miles west of the bridge for a good meal would have been an easy endeavor. However, the hot climb out of the river Valley was calling us to ascend before the heat of the day settled in.

I was surprised how beautiful the scenery and the habitat were and how good the trails were in this region.

The trails were most likely maintained by all of the motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts.

A thunderstorm started to develop from seemingly nowhere. Within a half hour the sky was completely blackened with the next potential storm.

We were now in sagebrush country. Open Meadows with islands of trees surrounded us until we descended into North Fork Creek where beavers welcomed us with their tail slaps.

Today would be the last time on the trip that we would have to Wade back and forth through a creek with wet shoes.

Today would also be the last day on the trip that we hiked on a single track trail. 

It was dirt and paved road walking through the High Desert until we would reach Interstate 84. But there was no lack of potential drinking water for us. We scared up a few ducks to get our fill at Moores Spring.



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