Friday, February 20, 2015

Idaho Centennial Trail - Part 16 - Moores Spring through the High Desert to Interstate 84

After Moores Spring we began to road walk and waved enthusiastically to all the cars traveling towards their Mountain getaways. It's fun to see them smile and wave back at us.

We were also suddenly in cow country. A large group of cows had gotten out onto the dirt road and we spent some time trying to figure out how to get around them without driving or herding them away from the area. We had to think like a cow to eventually get around the cows.

There were interesting rock formations in the desert as well as plenty of beaver ponds that the cows and hikers could drink from if they so desired.

Bennett Mountain Road would be our main through way for many miles to come.

We were happy to come across some pure drinking water from Beer Can Spring which would take care of us for the rest of our journey to Interstate 84.

We just love drinking straight from the source of it.

The recent rains gave us a final send off of beautiful sunflowers.

And then there was one last fantastic sunset with lightening brightening up the approaching evening skies.

Coyotes howled and surrounded us as if they too were saying their goodbyes.

It had been a terrific journey getting to know the Soul and extreme diversity of Idaho.

I know we will be back to explore her delicate nature yet again.

It was Now time to Hitch our Way into a New Frontier.
The Idaho Centennial Trail will be a part of us forever.




  1. I enjoyed your trip, nature and your fantastic photos. Best wishes Pepe

  2. Great blog! I can't believe I didn't stumble on it earlier in my obsessive researching of the trail. I thru-hiked the ICT this year and seeing some of your alternate routes would have been helpful :) Well done. This is an amazing hike that deserves more attention from long distance hikers.

    1. Thank you Clay, and I agree..... This route across Idaho is a world class adventure and should be on the radar for the well seasoned long distance hiker. The beauty of Idaho is so unforgettable. What will be your next big hike?


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