Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Idaho Centennial Trail - Part 6 - Stateline National Recreation Trail to Fish Lake

The Stateline National Recreation Trail dazzled our senses as we often followed the edges of snowbanks. Going southbound gave us wonderful contrast of feelings about lingering seasons.

Sometimes it felt like winter as the trail could dissappear for long stretches at a time. Some of the North faces were steep and covered with hardened compact snow. In such cases, we altered our route to the south side of a mountain where the snow was already gone and melted where we often followed game trails and traveled cross country till we came across some official tread once again. 

At other times we were immersed in spring splendor as millions of flowers greeted us along our way.

After the Stateline NRT, Heart Lake turned out to be the perfect jewel to add to our treasure chest.

When you feel you are in paradise, there is no where else that you would rather be. One perfect moment followed the next perfect moment.

Long distance hiking makes me feel as if I am a pioneer discovering a lost and forgotten land.

So few people have hiked this route across the state of Idaho.  It makes you feel like you are opening up doors or a portal for others to follow in your wake.... but where others will have an absolutely different experience and perspective to take from the journey.

The Siamese Lakes and then finally Fish Lake were the last lakes along the Montana border that we were to immerse ourselves in. It was now time to Wander inland as we made our way into the central part of the state of Idaho.

Mountain Lakes were now about to be replaced by Long and Scenic Rivers.



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  1. Superb photos....looks to be an amazing journey


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