Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 10

Leaving the Old Safford Morenci Trail, we flew into the Eagle Creek Drainage.

Sheer and uniquely formed sandstone cliffs lined our route as we waded up stream.

Our running shoes and feet were to be wet and yet clean for an odoriferous change.

Numerous fords drove us forward into a Sunday Drive sort of day.

An old ranch haunted this remote paradise.

However, the desert gold poppies exercised the Homestead's past to uncover the beauty of that which has always been here Now.

Curious and not so wild horses followed us to rustle up some salty licks.

The ground turned muddy very quickly behooving us to make ground towards Clifton, Arizona south of the Morenci Mine to resupply.

We strung up an easy hitch out of a bear bow hunter to get a ride into Clifton on highway 191.

We found luck in returning to the trail within minutes of sticking our thumbs out with fresh supplies and a full stomach in tow even though the highway number used to be branded 666.


  1. It's so pleasant to walk with you "on the wild side" for a while ... Thanks for sharing your adventures and pictures, Pepe

    1. Thank you too Pepe for visiting and for seeing through my eyes. Have a wonderful autumn season.

  2. lovely to have glimpses into your hike mister B


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