Friday, September 11, 2015

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 2

Amazing Plant names such as Fairy Duster sparkled our very next steps towards understanding a realm of enlightenment.

Lizards, ground squirrels, and white tailed deer darted to and fro around us. 

Explosions of Gambel's Quail often filled the air. Desert Cottontails, Towhee's, and Thrashers also busied themselves in the thorny brush and amongst the budding cacti. 

Lesser Goldfinch and Red Cardinals brought additional color to the landscape. Gila Woodpeckers were making their chiseled entry ways into homes within the Saguaro's. 

Cactus and Canyon Wrens excitedly sang their melodies to infuse into this grand harmonic Orchestration that we lovingly call nature. 

Even as we walked into dusk, the Poorwill's too wanted to be recognized and accounted for under a full moon where crickets chirped the night away.

Too witness beauty upon the landscape was to pollinate the world with seeds of Great Potential.

Quantum Leaps in Evolution occur when one surrenders to excitable waves of movement which can only be caught paradoxically through the heart of Stillness.

By embracing the sum of all apparent parts at once, one can be delivered into a sense of Wholeness and Well Being beyond separation. 

The Superstitions are not to be feared, but is a Home away from Home in need of Celebration.

This Home is a true paradise with lush canyons filled with an abundance that can never be exhausted.

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