Friday, September 11, 2015

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 3

The Superstition Wilderness showed us an ancient past when we accessed a hidden cliff dwelling in Rogers Canyon estimated to be at least 600 years old. 

It's as if the ancestral spirits themselves invited us to enter their Domain.

Should have brought some kinnikinnick to infuse and smoke some additional sense of Peace into our Environment.

Taking Home with us, we grounded this comforting feeling in the Trail ahead of us.

Having now joined the Arizona National Scenic Trail, there was no need to look at maps since this section of trail was fresh in our memories. 

We also new exactly where the water would be.

Descending into the lower elevations, every step was still a vast viewpoint ready to be absorbed.

The mornings brought a crisp clarity of mind that lingered throughout the day.

Gates into New Dimensions of Awareness were just asking to be opened.

After watching a herd of 11 mule deer escape our gaze, we soon found ourselves at Picketpost Trailhead on Highway 60, just 5 miles west of Superior. 

It took us only ten minutes to get a hitch into town to buy food for about 85 trail miles into Mammoth, Arizona.

Soulful Mexican cooking filled our stomachs and only five minutes of trying to hitch returned us to the trail where we were in awe of a fantastic sunset beneath Picketpost Mountain. 

This towering monolith warmed our hearts just as much as the desert sun. It's sacred presence is truly a timeless wonder.

It took some large bats above our heads to pull us back into time as the emerging constellations above us lulled us to sleep as if we were on a cosmic merry go round ride.

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