Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 11

After having turned U.S. Highway 666 right-side up in our minds, we returned to our trail of realized enchantment.

Quartz filled Geodes adorned the landscape.

The Grand Enchantment Trail was proving to be a Gem in and of its Self.

With the presence of cows, water is never too far away.

A true to Life Cowboy from a nearby secluded ranch galloped through to rangle up some of his stray cows.

New Mexico is drawing nearer to us.

Where are all the homesteads?  This valley is rich in H2O.

When there isn't a trail or road, simply make your own way.

The Blue River was anything other than sad. It was actually a celebration of life.

Most times when we came across the abundance of water we would shock ourselves by submerging our whole bodies into this primal liquid.  It's amazing how you don't even realize how hot your core temperature is until the water cools it down.  By the time you get out and start walking again, its as if you have taken an elixir or have drunken from the fountain of youth.  

There was a sense of feeling at Home while floating across the desertscape.

I was always pondering how the rock formations developed over time.

The skin would also often tingle from the constant scratches and scraps from the plants that wanted to compost a part of us as their fertilizer catch of the day.  Sometimes I wonder if they collect dna samples to develop a better sense of what a human is.

Good bye and thank you Arizona. We were about to take the back door into New Mexico.


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