Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 14

We picked up a resupply package we sent to ourselves at Doc Campbell's Post and then set out to make new tracks.

But First things First.... we took a soak at Lightfeather Hotspring.  Some of the stones in this river hot spring burned our buts.  What was fun was to divert the water from the middle fork of the Gila into the differing pools to customize the temperature to our liking.

With all the river crossing.. our shoes and socks were always wet.  In the mornings... our socks and shoes would be literally frozen stiff.

Elk continued to be abundant in the region. 

Cross Country hiking through drainage's connected us to more established trails. 

Interestingly, we were walking through the caldera of a giant super-volcano.

We were progressed eastward towards the Continental Divide Trail which was obviously the ancient rim of the volcano.

It's no wonder this region and plateau was so much higher than the other areas of New Mexico.

I just love the simplicity of windmills pumping up water from below our feet.

Putting on our frozen shoes in the morning was quite the chore.

Every year.. large fires plague this region... life is always trying on new forms.

Welcome to the Continental Divide Trail.

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