Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 15

It is April.. and the Continental Divide Trail still has snow lingering on its north faces. 

Even though we have hiked the CDT twice, we have never been on this section of trail before.

Instead... we had taken an alternate route down the splendor of the middle fork of the Gila river. 

I momentarily had the desire to keep on hiking north to Montana and Canada.

Stacey and I came around a corner and inexplicably smelled death.

A mother cow seemed to have died giving birth to a calf. The baby was still alive but rather skinny.  Apparently, even though the mother was dead, the baby had a chance to nurse from its mother.

When we got to the town of Winston to resupply, we reported the miracle survivor... and a rescue team of ranchers were off to save the newborn.

It was supposedly to be a very hard hitch to town on a very isolated dirt road... however, a rancher by the name of Chief quickly picked us up and brought us to where we needed to be.

More amazing yet.. he went off to feed a few horses... and then returned to Winston to pick  us up and drop us off where we had left off on the trail.

Pronghorn Antelope replaced the elk as they sped past us in seemingly all directions.

What the long distance trail can teach you is to bring the feeling of wide open spaces into any and every situation imaginable.  That old crowded feeling then just simply vanishes as if it were merely all an illusion.

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