Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 16

Roads in New Mexico can be interesting.

Some are actually made of water.

Some of the wonder of being in the southwest... is being consistently surprised about what kind of geological or even biological formations you will find next.

It almost feels as if the desert has more life in it than elsewhere.

The diversity is endless, and it isn't shy to present its self.

Now firmly out of the Gila Caldera... we climbed up to explore our newest Sky Island above the desert floor.

The San Mateo Mountains and the Apache Kid Wilderness were our saintly sanctuary.

I love finding old cabins... just imagine traveling through any landscape and just deciding to build a home on it wherever you feel compelled to.  

That's what i love about long distance hiking.  We can bring our home with us wherever we go... and can feel free to bed down wherever we choose for the night for months at a time.

It redefines one's sense and understanding of freedom.

It provides the clarity of knowing what is important in life... and what really doesn't matter... and how that can all be let go of to be recycled by nature and time.

Abandoning all notions of fear... one can learn to see forever... and where one can choose any path with as many or little obstacles as one desires... life consciously becomes a dream come true.

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