Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 17

From 9,679 foot Grassy Lookout we could see the Continental Divide in the near distance.

We experienced more elk than people.

From 10,115 foot Mt. Withington Lookout, we could see the next Sky Island Traverse that we were to cross over to.

The Magdalena Mountains were home to many observatories.

In the open desert to the north there were also listening posts to decipher incoming alien messages from space.

Oak filled canyons brought us back to the lowlands.

The closer you get to a mountain, the smaller it appears to look.  The farther you get away from it... the more it begins to grow and tower.  

When you got off the beaten path... it is as if you begin to flower within. Seeds begin to grow where others don't tread upon you.

Good Views find you when projections and illusions of bad no longer have power.

True Nature picks you up in the morning.

One moves effortlessly upon a sea of change when you are not stuck on certainty. 

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  1. hello Mister B.,

    wonderful to browse back through many of your posts and have glimpses of what your walk was like!
    I hope this finds you well.


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