Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 19

Magdalena seemed even more of a ghost town than it actually was since we rested and resupplied over the Easter weekend.

The managers of the motel were super gracious and friendly allowing us to even use their washing machines for free.

But now it was time to walk the lower desert towards the Rio Grande River.

Water was plentiful, both because of the presence of cows and because water was actually flowing down several of the washes we were to walk through.

San Lorenzo Canyon was a pleasant highlight following along the edge of the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge.  Signs everywhere refused public entry... what are they hiding in there?

People often ask how much water we take through the desert with us.

It is always a difficult question to answer.  For Stacey and I, we often load up with only four liters of water for about 30 miles of hiking.

Often, we meet people in the desert and they will be taking two to three times as much water as we do. It's all quite relative.  

However, what I have noticed is that if you are worried that there is the lack of water... then an individual will require much more water than a relaxed person does while hiking in the desert. If you worry about not having enough... then water is constantly pressing upon the mind. 

To get relief in the mind... one then has to drink the coveted water. Often, since there is unconscious stress associated with the perception of lack, then one also seems to sweat more and tire more easily. More water therefore is needed to satisfy the hunger, or rather thirst of the unsettled mind.

The nice thing about long distance hiking.... one is always breaking personal barriers... and learns to do more with less on so many levels.

When we arrived at the Rio Grande Crossing... the center of the river was flowing above my head and was lifting my feet off of the sandy soft bottom.  We naturally decided to take the alternate to keep our packs from getting too wet.

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  1. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your spectacular journey.


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