Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 22

Grand Enchantment occurs when one connects to the focal point of one's pure attention.

It is the sense of losing one's ego self to something greater.

If one were to just put all their focus and their efforts into that which flows easily and gracefully…  then their world and the entire world would begin to slowly and then increasingly heal from that which is scarred, blocked, and wounded.  For that which fuels you… keeps you healthy and strong…  and at ease and at peace with one’s surroundings .

Focusing one’s intention on what feels right instead of what one thinks is right brings more of what is inherently true into one’s scope and perspective of being.

When I am out hiking for days and weeks and months at a time… I feel as if I am in a spiraling vortex that carries me effortlessly along… propelling me into the unknown…. 

It is where I feel like I am actually doing something worthwhile… gifting something intangible, yet relevant to the earth. 

 By being true to my self….  I am offering love to the universe.

By listening to my intuition… I am re-see-ding the earth with visions of beauty and a knowing that everything is always alright… as long as I feel as if I am on my own unique path that nobody else could possibly create. 

When I plant my self into the great outdoors, I simply bloom into majesty alive with crowning sensations.

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