Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 23

I would rather spend all my time out in nature… but its not because of anything you can point to or grab onto concerning any physical attributes..  Its rather a feeling of letting go and catching a wave of pure intention…. 

So when I go for a long walk across the country… I find myself entering a non-place or vibrant space of perpetual newness and awareness… where I am living with a Faith… a knowing that I am being taken care of with every step i give and take…

 It is my dream that i allow to come true through a fearless place of trust… of meeting up with people along the way who know how to open their hearts where the notion of strangers doesn’t even exist. In such times… everything is experienced inexplicably as déjà vu… 

It is as if I am bringing a bit of heaven to earth by letting events unfold along a conduit of intent … a channel between point A and point B… where the goal is to float the route without slamming into rocks along the way… this is then the sweet spot where a surfer catches a wave…. And where the back eddies and swamps and stagnant waters are steered clear from. 

 Early on in my hiking career, I used to wonder if I was running away from life…. But now I know that I am living my life as I see fit by truly being fit and flexible in my daily movements. 

Now High above Albuquerque as we approach the Sandia Mountain Wilderness, we soak up and digest some of our final views of the Grand Enchantment Trail.

The earth and her diversified deserts has become our newest understanding of what it means to be sheltered with harmony.

A great outlook in life is merely a reflection of that which we hold dear inside.

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