Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Grand Enchantment Trail ~ Part 24

It's April 13th, 2015, and there is still snow above 10,000 feet in the shade of the conifer tree forest.

It's 70 degrees down below in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Sandia Peak offers the longest aerial tramway in the world.

It is a wonderful oasis that sits like a castle high above its own kingdom.

We have just spent 40 days and 40 nights hiking 770 miles across the desert southwest... interestingly... the same amount of time it took us to hike the 800 mile Arizona National Scenic Trail.

However, it is now time to descend into the valleys below where we will continue to have Spring in our steps.

We can now appreciate that everything is unique in its own way where beauty can be gleaned by seeing anything and everything from one's highest viewpoint... even in the lowliest of places.

In a long distance hiking adventure however, .... one step at a time can be transformed into gliding beyond any sense of time.

Every lesson learned through one's personalized journey opens the door to the newest world just waiting to be explored from one's upgraded and expanded perspective.

Once seeking that which is new has converted its self into newness always finding me.

Thank you Land of Enchantment.

Your Spell is Enduring.

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  1. I enjoyed hearing the date in relation to the snow.
    wonderful flowers, a joy to see. as well as all the images. thank you for sharing your walk.


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