Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail ~ Part 3


From Barronett, we increased our daily tick dosage to about 300 each as we walked upon old Grassy roads maneuvering through marsh and beautiful lakes aplenty. We had wondered about whether there was muskrats in this region, and low and behold, two different muskrats raised their Tails to be counted in our personal census. Hooded mergansers joined our invisible list of birds while a ruffed grouse drummed upon a hollow log as if he were bouncing a ball in nature's playground. But where are all the Moose. However, there were many white tailed deer who waived their white flags to us in the hope for a continuing peace treaty. 

Snakes were also popular, especially the garders who crossed our paths often. Even something that looked like a bull or gopher snake began shaking it's tail as if he wanted a new rattle for its birthday. Toads and frogs even lept for joy in contrast to a hairy woodpecker acting all nervous as if we were being too close to her nesting hole. The clouds then began to darken as an Osprey flew around its nest built on top of the powerless. We walked into Haugen just as it began to rain where an all you can eat salad and soft serve ice cream bar and buffet was waiting for us and all while a rainbow welcomed us into a sense of home and well being. The owner of the restaurant even allowed us to sleep on the lawn on her property. Life is truly good to us. 

In the forests that we have been traveling through, it was the Birch trees that have been leafing out. On the Tuscobia Rail to Trail, the Aspen and Ashes have begun to unfurl their leaves. We walked into Birchwood today and found a breakfast feast in a wonderful small town Cafe. Now it's time to resupply for another 72 miles of hiking to Cornell up ahead.


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