Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail ~ Part 14


Interestingly, the rain showered only upon the earth till check out time giving us the ok to continue with our forward progress. A car on the highway below us honked excitedly at us as we were hiking on the pedestrian overpass. Following bike and rail trails, we soon found ourselves in Milton meandering seemingly in every direction possible as if we were parading through the streets and walking next to playgrounds, schools, and historical buildings. A woman getting her mail took notice of us and invited us in to talk to her and her husband for a few hours while enjoying cold beverages and a fruit and cheese platter. 

After Storrs Lake and it's emerging lily pad flowers, we started a road walk segment only to have a car pull up to us asking if we were Bernie and Stacey. Carolyn, a segment hiker from Madison, had just finished the same road walk and was just picked up by her mother Louise. The Trail Magic continued with an invitation to stay with them at their family cabin later that day and night on a lake near La Grange. Good food and conversation lasted well into the night and continued on into the next morning. 

The mosquitoes were hungry too in the Clover Valley Segment, but we did our best to keep them thirsty. An artesian well provided us with some of the best water on the trip which quenched us upon a path within the southern Kettle Moraine. Here, a turkey lured us away from its new born chicks and a short eared owl played hop scotch with us in the trees just directly above the trail. At Lake La Grange we were pleasantly surprised to have found Ruth, our latest Trail Angel, training her dogs to retrieve objects from the water. After watching a raccoon climb a tree, the sky decided to turn on the water faucet once again, and we stayed dry for another night getting to know Ruth who recently just completed hiking the entire Ice Age Trail over several years time.



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