Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pacific Crest Trail 2009 ~ Part 15

Free from Snowbound passes, we entered into a new hiking realm where spring was still emerging while within the summer.

The world that surrounded us spoke Volumes.  It's gentle energy danced with our essence changing how we perceived each moment of the world to be, forever more to come.

The idea of Leave No Trace is a myth.  As the earth imparts her energy into us, we too modify the earth with just our mere presence.  By feeling wonderful, and by just appreciating the views, we send love into Nature and the Earth, uplifting her state of Being.  Our energetic presence imprints the environment.  Have you ever been into a room that felt angry or negative?  These energies are created by the information we send out with our minds.  Therefore, if we flow with beauty through the outdoors, we give back and reinforce the beauty to the earth.  So in essence, we should make the earth better than it was before by leaving the best possible trace of us that we can.  We can restore the earth to a lighter mood by giving the best of ourselves.

The eastern flanks of the Sierra's are very dry since they are neighboring the High Desert Country. The rain and snow taper off here as the low pressure systems release most of their moisture content on the western slopes till the energy is able to rise more fully above the mountains, where it no longer needs to become lighter to continue moving eastward.

Blue Lake and Upper Blue Lake was bustling with a wide spectrum of recreational enthusiasts.  The mountains were now acceptable and open to the average back-country lover. 

However, the more you spend time in the mountains, one's back-country becomes one's front country which can be explored and reveled upon at any time of year. Civilization then seems to feel like the back-country.

Elephants Back (Above) and the Carson Pass area (Below) brought us to the junction with the Tahoe Rim Trail that circles the amazingly beautiful Lake Tahoe.  We had hiked this 165 mile trail several years ago which actually got me home sick to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  And here I was once again, but with new eyes to see it from a totally new and envigorating point of view.

At Echo Summit, we hitched a ride into South Lake Tahoe for two nights of extraordinary comfort.  After 1,100 miles of hiking in running sandels, I traded them in for some running shoes.  On July 4th, we hitched twice to return to the summit to celebrate our personal independance that the long distance trail helps one to re-discover.  Below is a photo of Echo Lake Resort and the portal to the Desolation Wilderness.

Echo Lake was a playground for Log Cabin enthusiasts who could either walk a trail around the lake to their homes or could boat to their front doors.

Lake Aloha, above, certainly lived up to its name with its loving beauty that is imparted into one's eyes and soul. 

The Bounty of the moment was harvested with every breath we took.  You too can explore the infinite details of life from differing angles.  Returning to the Wilderness is like rediscovering life as if seen through a child's eyes for the very first time.


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