Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pacific Crest Trail 2009 ~ Part 2

With our first stop of Mt. Lugana behind us at 47 miles into the journey, we began our gentle march toward Warner Springs, a mere 68 miles, and three days to the north. Supplies can either be sent ahead through the Postal Service via General Delivery insuring that one's daily diet can be met and maintained, or one can merely trust that one can resupply along the Way, knowing that everything always works out and presents its self when the time is right.

Our primary intention for this long distance trek across the Pacific Western States was to flow with a sense of Ease. By truly feeling our Way across the variable and ever-changing terrain, one can enter a trance of Grace.

I had a desire to truly Walk in Stillness where the mind empties its self, and allows for one's essence to interact directly with the energy that presents its self at any given moment.

When one embarks on such an endeavour, one often tries to accomplish such goals. But the trying its self is an act of doubt. When doubt is focused upon, humans usually fall into it, especially when they find themselves on slippery and tight slopes.

With the intention to reach Canada, the idea never needed to be revisited. A wave of intent is generated, and one can simply climb the wave and go for a ride. Their is an unspoken knowingness that the future is being pulled into the Now and that one's wishes are in the act of being fulfilled. The Journey in its self is where one resides with each step, and what it is like to be melded into the Golden Landscape of Life and Living.

There is an ongoing trend in the back-packing world to go lighter. People used to literally carry one hundred pound packs. But those heavy laden days are over as one consciously steps into a lighter way of Being and Perceiving. The items one carries are few, and enables one to have the ability to be at Home in a wide range of conditions. One learns on the Trail of Life that the less that one is attached to physically, mentally, and emotionally, the more comfortable one can feel in any given environment of one's choosing. When our needs become simplified, our relationship to the World becomes less complicated. A sense of Freedom is therefore touched and entered into. There is reason to smile and the smiles then go beyond reason.


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