Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pacific Crest Trail 2009 ~ Part 26

We entered the Three Sisters Wilderness of Central Oregon.  The walking in this state is gentle and smooth and the miles go by quickly. 

It's easy to walk 35 miles a day here and some ambitious souls push 40 mile days to break personal barriers and to go beyond self imposed programming.

Fields of lupine and "dirty socks" had opposing but broadening and awakening effects upon the senses.

It was too cloudy to get a really good look at the three peaks known as the Three Sisters.  But the scenery was always tantalizing.  There is an unlimited amount of stimulus to sort through and absorb.

We learned from some local hikers that the highway at McKenzie Pass opened up yesterday, just in time for us to hitch into the town of Sisters.

Obsidian Falls lived up to its name.  Just above the falls was a rich deposit of  black obsidian which was an ancient collection site for Native Americans, who used the rock to create cutting utensils and arrow points.

The subalpine zone is always rich with a balanced energetic harmony that fed our bodies with unseen food.  It opens the doors and gates to feeling deeper in relationship to Nature and one's personal environment.

Miles upon Miles of lava flows now layed between us and Mount Washington in the near distance.

Along with Mount Washington, we could even see the volcanic peaks of Three Fingered Jack and Mount Jefferson.

Yapoah Crater was at least 400 years old, but it looks as if it could have spewed ash out just yesterday.

The lava rock was a maze of flows where strong and durable trees and brush were able to claim new niches in seemingly rough conditions.

Before McKenzie Pass I made a wish to find an easy ride into Sisters where the driver would even possibly let us spend the night at their home.  It sounds like wishful thinking, but as soon as we reached the Observatory at the pass, a couple with their dog who had just gone fishing pulled up at the parking lot and asked us if they could help us.  Jane and Jim said they had hiked the PCT back in the 70's when it was virtually unknown.  We asked if they could give us a ride to town and if they knew of an inexpensive place to stay.  They then invited us to their home where we spent two wonderful nights resting and regenerating.  Jane and Jim even gave us the keys to their truck to use in town.  Ice Axe spent the first night with us, and on the second night we brought home with us another hiker from New Zealand.  Just imagine a world where everyone was as wonderful and loving and trusting as Jane and Jim.  (Above is a photo of the Sisters from Jane and Jim's home.)

What this trail proved over and over again to me was that if I stated what I wanted in a concise and clear manner, the result would manifest and arrange its self to happen quickly.  No kidding, really.  Believe, and it shall happen.  When we use our words percisely and wisely all of the time, its like they become the code to the program that we are running here in the physical world. Many of us use thoughts and feelings that cancel each other out, or which keep away from us the things we intend to happen in our lives.

At Santiam Pass, there were plenty of goodies and drinks left by another trail angel from Bend.  After passing Mount Washington and Three Fingered Jack, we finally had extensive views of the Three Sisters that we passed under several days earlier.  All around three fingered Jack and to the north towards Mount Jefferson, an extensive fire burned thousands of acres not too long ago.  We were now three-fourth of the way through Oregon, and Mount Jefferson, Mount Hood, and the Washington State border at the Columbia River would soon be in our sights.


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