Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pacific Crest Trail 2009 ~ Part 28

Before reaching Cascade Locks we had an incredible sunset that Stacey played her flute to.

To the left you can see Mount Saint Helen's that erupted back in 1980.  To the right was our next Volcano along the Cascade Range that we would explore.  Her name was Mount Adams.

We said our grateful goodbyes to the scenic beauty of Mount Hood and descended into the Eagle Creek Drainage.

Can you see Stacey standing next to the waterfall.  There was a tunnel blasted out behind the falls.  The energy of all the water and its many falls in this drainage was astounding.  It felt like we were in a temperate rain forest.  It certainly felt good to enjoy the habitat that we knew so well once again.

Essentially we descended from 6000 feet all the way down to 240 feet at Cascade Locks where we rested and re-supplied.  

We crossed the Columbia River on the Bridge of the Gods.  The trailers and campers crossing the bridge gave us inches of clearance to spare. When we stepped into Washington State, we were each given a gift of fresh fruit from a local road side vendor that enjoyed the idea of such a pilgrimage across the west coast states.

Southern Washington State allowed us to reacquaint ourselves with the lower elevation habitats along with some of its clear cuts that Washington State is also famous for.

The Columbia River begins in Canada and snakes its way to the Pacific Ocean through the cities of Portland , Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.  The city of Hood River is just up River which is famous for Sail Boarding.

Western Hemlocks, Douglas Fir, and Red Cedar greened up the forests that we knew so well.

Here Stacey is sizing up Mount Hood.

The Indian Heaven Wilderness lived up to its Name.  We then walked east to the western slopes of Mount Adams.

Trail angels left their mark at this watering hole with samples of Mountain Dew and Beer.

Mount Saint Helen's to the west of us lost 1,300 feet of its top and much of its northern slopes.  It doesn't hold much summer snow or glaciers anymore.

Circling around Mount Adams, we noticed her letting off some steam in a few places.


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