Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pacific Crest Trail 2009 ~ Part 30

We continued our journey along the Knife's Edge with fantastic views of Mount Ranier.

The Goat Rocks Wilderness has some of the best views of the Central Cascades.

I just read that Mount Ranier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams may share a common magma chamber in the earth making them all intricately connected siblings.

Can you see Stacey walking the Knife's Edge?
We saw yet another wildfire to the north east of us. We had one more big fire before us.

It's August 26th, and there are still awesome colours to be found high in the mountains.

We met another thru hiker named Doug for the first time.  His feet were giving him a lot of trouble.  He was walking fast because he had to finish by a certain date.  From my experience, and what I see in other hikers around me, when we push forward wanting to be somewhere other than here and now, we are more likely to get injured because we build up a tension within ourselves. 

The tension gets aggravated because we then walk day in and day out in a tense fashion living within the mind upon a future date.  The best advise I can give about hiking a long distance trail is to literally take one step at a time feeling your way along in the present moment.  It is truly where optimal health lives and exists.

Another example of this is what happened to me at this point in the trail.  When we stopped to eat,  I found myself eating way too fast as if I wanted to get the calories in and done with.  I was in the process of inhaling a twizzler and a chunk of it got lodged into my windpipe.  It wouldn't come out no matter how hard I tried to hack it out.

I had to live with it in there till it dissolved a few days later.  I was in a psycological hurry to eat and move onwards which creates more discomfort in the long run.  Therefore, be here now, in whatever you do.

We resupplied at White Pass and spent four hours soaking up their amenities.  This was our first Washingtonian ski resort along the route.

Here we talked to Squatch who was an expert in Big Foot.  He creeped out Doug and Lucky Larry with his many stories which kept them from sleeping too well during the night.

We ran into a herd of Roosevelt Elk that used the trails heavily along this stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail.

In the above photo we entered through the imaginary boundary of Rainer National Park.  Mount Rainer's Native American name is Tacoma.


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