Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pacific Crest Trail 2009 ~ Part 32

At Snoqualmie Pass we resupplied between a gas station and a small store.  

About 12 other hikers were bottle-necked here to enjoy the restaurant and services.  We ate lunch and dinner at the best place in town.  The energy is high when hikers tell of their tales upon the trail of life.  And there were eight of us that night for dinner.  Many of them stayed on and shared a room in the adjoining hotel.  Gotta keep on eating. 

Stacey and I, however, continued on into the smoky mountains ahead.

A fire was out of control in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  They were letting it burn till the rains or snows put the fire out naturally.

You can see below where we were officially detoured 24 miles to avoid the spreading fire.

The detour took us into a steep canyon that was very brushy.  A horse-back rider had to turn around because it became to difficult for them.

When we got to the bottom of the valley, a fire crew was coming up to clear the newly declared PCT alternate route.

We rounded Cooper Lake and followed up the Cooper drainage where we ran into a feast of Chicken of the Woods growing on a tree.  If we would have brought a stove, we vegetarians would have made a meal of this shelf fungus.

There's "Birdman".

We were to see the same group of close knit hikers to almost the end of the trail.  We would hike at times together and would often see one another between resting areas.

Back on the official PCT, we made our way to Stevens Pass and Highway 2.

Many hikers were following a guide made by a person named Yogi.  She neglected to mention the village of Leavensworth, Washington which was about 35 miles east of the pass. It had everything a hiker could dream of.  It was a German Style Town with a Bavarian Style theme.  Most hikers were hitching westward only about 15 miles to Skykomish with a limited amount of services.  The hitch to either town was equally easy.

Stacey takes in a scene of Glacier Peak ahead of us.  This was to be our only view of this towering mountain. Winter weather was soon approaching.

Days of rain and snow were about to put out the fire behind us.


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