Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pacific Crest Trail 2009 ~ Part 33

We spent two nights in Leavenworth where we resupplied to walk the next hundred miles to Stehekin, WA on Lake Chelan in North Cascades National Park.

We sent a package ahead General Delivery to the post office of Stehekin which would supply us to the end of the trail.

It rained on and off for three days.  We were totally drenched.

It snowed on us in three different locations.

The trail through the Glacier Peak Wilderness has been somewhat in dis-repair for several years because of a massive flood that wiped out many of the vital bridges across some deep ravines and rivers.

Even though we couldn't see Glacier Peak, it was wondrous to float along with the clouds.

There was an alternate route around Glacier Peak because everyone talked about the Suiattle River crossing since the beginning of the trail in the desert.  But most of us were going to hike through this section of trail anyway, because there was a log crossing that made the route doable.

The trail crew had put in a good handful of new bridges.

However, some were not so desirable. 

Before the infamous Suiattle River crossing we had to manage our way across the Milk Creek Drainage. Some of the trail had been wiped out so they were blasting in a new trail with explosives.

But first we had to play in the Snow.  The date is only September 6th.  Hikers typically have until early October to finish the length of the trail before too much snow accumulates in the High Country.

And there's Jim who we hadn't seen since northern California.

Milk Creek was a mess.  Some hikers went miles down stream to cross a bridge.  We saw another group just above us rock hopping between giant boulders.  I found an easy crossing at this juncture.

There must have been a hundred trees down between Milk Creek and the Suiattle River.  One tree even shredded the top of my already deteriorating go-lite pack.

We made camp just in time for it to snow again.  Everything was totally wet.  We placed plastic bags around our feet to bring circulation back into our feet.  It took an hour to stop shivering.  One group stayed an extra day here to wait out the rain and the snow of the following day.

And here is the infamous Suiattle River crossing.  I actually walked across it.  It sounded like about 50 percent of those who walked this way opted to scoot their way across.

Ah, but then the skies opened up and we were to have great weather all the way to the Canada.  But it was all good to experience whether it rained or shined.


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