Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pacific Crest Trail 2009 ~ Part 34

We entered North Cascades National Park with the sunshine on our backs.

At the Stehekin River crossing we took a bus down an isolated dirt road for five dollars to Stehekin which had lodges, a bakery, a small store, and a restaurant. 

At the restaurant we were spoiled with a feast because the chef and waitress had hiked this year from Mexico to the beginning of the High Sierra's.  We last saw them just after Kennedy Meadows and here they were near the end of the trail providing us with sustenance.  Their names were Jackass and Molasses. 

Our gear was totally soaked and our feet were steaming coming off of the mountain.  A good handful of us hikers had very numb feet as a result.  Many of us were to take an extra day off in this sanctuary.

We then crossed Rainy Pass at Highway 20 which one could take into Winthrop, WA where Stacey and I lived for a couple of years.  I had chosen this isolated mountain town because it was so near to the PCT which I was so much in Love with.

We were very familiar with these trails because we often visited them over the years.  From Cutthroat Pass we continued on to Granite Pass below.

We were now just east of North Cascades National Park on the leeward side of these glaciated peaks.  It was drier over here and the deciduous sub-alpine larch tree could commonly be enjoyed in these parts. In the fall the needles turn bright orange and yellow before they fall off for the winter.

We then made our way into the Methow drainage where the headwaters to the river we so often frequented begins its course.

The Paysayten Wilderness and Canada was just ahead.

Pika's and Marmots whistled and cheered us onward.

We have been here many times exploring before.

Tatie Peak is just ahead.  There are old gold mines throughout this region.

At Hart's Pass one can drive a dirt road up from Winthrop to enjoy the mountain splendor.

Looking to the West we can see the mountains that lead to Ferndale and Bellingham where we currently reside at.


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