Monday, January 09, 2017

Hot Springs Trail ~ Part 15 ~ Toiyabe Crest National Recreation Trail to Austin, NV

From Tonopah, it was to be 150 miles of hiking until we walked directly into Austin, NV.

We were hiking anywhere from 25 to 33 miles a day.

Can you believe that this kind of habitat has a beaver population?

Water was no longer an issue for the rest of this section by our current standards. Plus, the temperatures were perfect for hiking.

We were now flowing across the open terrain at around 9000 to 11,000 feet above sea level.

Patches of snow lingered as if it were a precious dressing covering a salad buffet for the deer and cows that occupied the region.

Stands of very large Mountain Mahogany Trees covered slopes at some middle elevations while quaking aspens dominated some of the lower elevations. The hardy and often wind swept limber pine kept us company up high along some of the ridges.

Bluebells, Larkspur, spreading phlox, peas and cinquefoils as well as many other flowers provided for a full spectrum of color to tantalize not only the soil below us, but also the soul within us.

Kestrels and Swifts hunted by air.

Tics, however, tried to hunt us by ground. They gave their pursuit away since they often tickled my hairy legs giving me fair warning to call for a quick truce.

There were only a few vague portions to this Crest Trail, but a remedy was easily concocted.

Clouds of flies did their best to bug us... but we tried not to mind.

The Hot Springs Trail Crew apparently had this entire range to ourselves.

Zoner was ahead of us by a quarter of a day or so.

But we were to see him yet again in the resupply ghost town of Austin, Nevada.

Stacey and I opted to take the Big Creek (Gravel) Road into Austin instead of doing an 18 mile out and back, or hitch hiking as Zoner did when he reached Highway 376. Zoner moved onward that day while Stacey and I melted into a comfy motel to enjoy a well deserved day off.

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