Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hot Springs Trail ~ Part 25 / Idaho Centennial Trail ~ Part 4 ~ Sawtooth Mountains to Stanley, Idaho

One lake cascaded down to another lake in a seemingly endless chain of varied Beauty.

Lone Fishermen fished for Inspiration and Renewal.

When I arrived at Edna Lake, several families were camping together on a week long excursion.

Without thinking, they were extremely generous and invited me to eat with them for dinner.

The families were from McCall, Idaho which interestingly had been on mind as a potential town to call Home. 

Dusty's father recently owned one of the biggest horse outfitters in the country, but had just sold it to go into retirement. Dusty and his family and friends used the backcountry outfitters to bring in all of their supplies for the week. It was a splendid feast of food and wonderful conversation.

Amazingly, Dusty turned out to be a contractor and knew Patti in McCall who was one of the Idaho Trail Associations volunteers that i had spent some time with that morning some 25 miles away. It turns out my host built the home of the woman who was helping to maintain the Idaho Centennial Trail. She was also the only person in the group who was not from Boise.

We are definitely living in an age where we can just through out the notion of statistical probability.

I spent the night and ate a huge hot breakfast and helped to break down their camp.

There is talk of re-routing the Idaho Centennial Trail through this Lake rich section of true Wilderness.

The Sawtooth Mountains are on top of my list of natural physical and energetic wonders.

Virginia Lake, Hidden Lake, and the Cramer Lakes trickled me down into the bustling Redfish Lake region.

Tourists and Hikers took walk-on ferries to the west side of the lake for an up close and personal look at mountains with toothy smiles and knowing grins.

I took back-trails and dirt roads to arrive that evening in Stanley, Idaho. The price for accommodations was other worldly, and so I was going to end up stealth camping on the edge of town.

After having a huge dinner with about 12 refills of soda, I back tracked to the local pizza joint. When i first arrived there were people hanging out the doors waiting to be served. Now there were only a few customers at the bar. They saw my backpack and asked where i had come from. It turns out that my newest friends Nick and Brett had also walked to this end of the Sawtooths from the mining town of Atlanta. They had encountered the same loving and friendly family that I had.

I said my goodbyes and walked out of the door only to be run down by Nick and Brett who invited me to stay at the cabin room they were renting for the night in town. Oh, wow... life is good.

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