Monday, February 06, 2017

Hot Springs Trail ~ Part 32 / Idaho Centennial Trail ~ Part 11 ~ Stateline Trail to Mullen, Idaho

After spending the night above Missoula Lake with a group of actual Missoulan's watching stars shoot across the sky, I continued on upon the State Line National Recreation Trail.

Bonanza Lakes

Mountain Hemlocks were some of the newest trees to join into the subalpine mix.

Cliff Lake and Diamond Lake

Huckleberries continued to beckon birds and mammals to spread their seeds far and wide.

Two Black Bear cubs scrambled up dead snags in fear that I would run them off the trail.

The Stateline Trail transitioned into the Stateline road where I saw two northern Goshawks hunting for Grouse.

Several Family Groups of Missoulan's were also busy picking huckleberries.

Above Upper Stevens Lake I found an improvised trail to bushwhack down. Unfortunately, I got tangled in some brush and tore the top of my pack. 

When i got to Lower Stevens Lake on the trail system, i stopped to sew up the damage to make it as good as new. Scars often double for beauty marks.



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