Monday, February 06, 2017

Hot Springs Trail ~ Part 33 / Idaho Centennial Trail ~ Part 12 ~ Mullen to Idaho Point

In Mullen, Stacey picked me up to take me into Wallace where a friend of ours had a family cabin that we were able to use. Thanks Dylan. We took a free bus from Wallace back to Mullen called the Silver Express.

The updated forest service trail goes into Glidden Lake which then takes you to Cooper Pass. Bears continued to be startled by our Presence.

Pear Lake

Refreshing Lower Blossom Lake

Thompson Pass was a Mecca for day hikers and bathroom seekers.

On trail #404 there was no water at the headwaters.

We therefore hoofed it in dry to an active spring in a freshly burned forest below Black Peak.

From Mullen it was 85 miles to Clark Fork and a mere 200 miles to the Canadian border and the end of our epic trek.

We stopped at 93 Mile Lake for water just off route.

A black bear apparently had the same idea as we had. It seemed like we were seeing bears every single day.

We found a defunct trail to take us up to the ridge instead of having to use dirt roads as prescribed by the text.



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