Monday, February 06, 2017

Hot Springs Trail ~ Part 37 / Idaho Centennial Trail ~ Part 16 ~ Priest Lake to Priest Falls

At Lionhead Campground, it felt as if we were in some sort of tropical beach location in another country.

A family befriended us and offered us drinks and tangerines to go.

I hadn't seen an Idaho Centennial Trail emblem since I entered into Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

Upper Priest Lake is a unique gem whose only traffic noise comes from the occasional motorized fishing boat. 

At first light on the morning of our final day on the Hot Springs Trail, guess who strolls into our camp to awaken us?

Aria Zoner had finally caught up to us with only 17 miles to hike.

Beautiful Red Cedar Forests lined our final Way.

Zoner did Good on his creation of a future National Scenic Trail.

At Priest Falls we took one final cold plunge that sent our hearts and adrenaline soaring.

That evening, a couple from Pennsylvania was out driving in the middle of nowhere and picked all three of us up and drove us to Lower Priest Lake where they invited us to stay in their cabin rental for the night at Elkins Resort. The next morning, our bestest friend, Ron, picked Stacey and I up from Nordman after having eaten a fulfilling breakfast. Ron was there for us when we began the Idaho Centennial Trail back in 2014, and so it was fitting for him to be there with us when we ended our Journey here in 2016. 

The Hot Springs Trail and its vast pools of memories will always warm our hearts.




  1. Thanks to you both for sharing this wonderful adventure.Your photographs show a wilderness of beauty that my partner Karen and I loved to follow here in Devon UK.Seeing so much of these trails and their vastness helps me put the world and its ills into perspective,thanks again.

    1. I agree David, there is nothing like a full immersion into nature to cure anything that ails the mind and the heart. I will be outdoors for six months this year on a completely new adventure.

  2. Great looking couple. Great pics. Great inspiration. Great perspective about Nature. Elevated me to a higher energy level, felt more alive, with all you've shared. You're exhibiting the Aloha spirit. As you give it out, walking in Aloha, creating the environment, it's returning to you.

    Mahalo. Danke. Mucho gracias. Thank You.

  3. One more thing. I wanted pics for the ICT and some alternates of Zoner's for some soaks along the way. You provided them. Mahalo again.

    1. I am really glad to hear that you enjoyed the journey as much as you did Dogwood. I might even be out on the ICT again this year on a mega loop.

      You can also see our pix and narrative from our 2014 hike as well.


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